Latest News and Information from Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

Latest News and Information from Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

The New Ambrell EKOHEAT 2

Ambrell has engineered their new EKOHEAT 2 product line to better solve process heating challenges through an innovative, industry-leading internal control and power delivery system. Building upon the evolution of their exclusive VPA Technology™, these enhancements boost process accuracy, reduce system cooling requirements, and support work with a new control panel, diagnostics, and guides.

Check Out the Video: Why Induction Is A Green Technology

Induction heating neither consumes fossil fuels nor produces hazardous emissions or carbon dioxide (CO2). This video explains why induction heating qualifies as a green technology.

10 Advantages of Induction Heating

In the ever-changing world of manufacturing, efficiency, precision, and sustainability remain critical. As a result, induction heating continues to gain popularity throughout industry. But what exactly makes this technology so advantageous? The following article explores the top 10 reasons induction heating could benefit manufacturing processes.

An Application Note About Shrink Fitting

This application aims to shrink fit (press fit) a steel sleeve. As a diversified equipment manufacturer, the client wants to replace an oven with induction heating. They cite reduced heating time and saved floor space as their primary reasons for making the switch.

An Application Note About Wire Coating Removal

A client, who had been using resistance heating for a copper wire coating removal application, wanted to explore whether induction could deliver faster and more consistent results. To investigate this possibility, the client sent wire samples with a polyamide coating to THE LAB at Ambrell, taking advantage of their complimentary applications testing service.

Upcoming PRO Skills Webinars

Ambrell invites visitors to explore their PRO Skills Webinar page to discover upcoming webinars. Furthermore, they offer on-demand sessions upon request at any time, including recent webinars conducted in Spanish and Italian.

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